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On this site you can practise several knowledge items that you must be able to apply in the cockpit quickly.

You will also find several articles about proper airmanship written by Andreas Lauschke.

Why do I believe so much in interactive trainer applications? The answer is simple:

Amateurs train until they get it right. Professionals train until they don't get it wrong.
    Julia Pounds, Ph.D., FAA Human Factors Research Lab, 2006

That means if you get most test questions right, you're still an amateur. You're only a professional if you no longer make any mistakes.

Let's take the light signals or VFR cloud distances. You can certainly memorize a table. And that's how it starts for a student pilot. But in the actual cockpit situation you have to be able to act accordingly instantly: comply and do the action required of you based on the light signal, or instantly know what cloud distance you have to maintain, based on your airspace and altitude. Or if we take the example of the holding pattern entry, you have to be able to determine your correct holding pattern entry pretty much within a few seconds. And in part 135 and 121 operations the proper holding pattern entry is mandatory (part 91 only recommended).

Otherwise your DPE/inspector will be quite dissatisfied. You can't guess around or pull some table from some booklet from your flight bag. Some things you have to be able to produce instantly, no searching around. And it's not just to please the DPE or inspector. It's for your own safety, and that of your passengers. Imagine you have a complete electrical failure, you need to land pretty soon, now you get light signals from the tower, and you don't know what they mean. Especially in emergencies you can't search for tables in some booklet in your flight bag.

Being a professional airman means that certain things have to be practised many times, almost to the point of drill. And only practice makes perfect. And in a real flight situation you don't have the time that you have on a written test.

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